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Parsun Power Machine Co.,Ltd. is a Joint Venture with USA set up in 2001 and located in the city of Suzhou, nearby Shanghai, the largest city and sea port in China. And the nearest airport is WUXI city airport, within half an hour drive to our factory!
Our main products are generators, gasoline engine pumps, engines and outboard engines, etc..
For example, our rare-earth permanent magnet generators are with our own patented technology and have superior performance over the conventional generators, including high starting current, less maintenance, better output wave, etc.. we are largest exporter of outboard motors and gasoline engine pumps in China.
Customers' satisfaction is our ultimate aim. Quality is our real power and Parsun brand is representing all of our hard work and full efforts.

Brand commitment

Through international cooperation, we provide most reliable portable power products and professional service, for generating electricity, pumping water, driving boats etc.

We care for satisfaction of each user through keeping the first class quality and service in China as we grant our users as our friend.

We will not be satisfied until each user is satisfied.







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